ARTChurch | ‘Veiled Presence’ with Lucilda Dassardo-Cooper

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Sun, Sep 10 @ 10:00am @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Ministry Center
458 High Street
West Medford Square

Keenly aware of the difference in women’s attire from her own – Lucilda Dassardo-Cooper began to paint the women she met while living in another cultural milieu. In their dress she discovered their identities and in her paintings, unveils another form of beauty.

From the Artist: “Veiled Presences Seek Sanctuary”

The colorful paintings of women from the Indian sub-continent were displayed in Washington DC at the Parish Gallery on the anniversary of the sub-continent’s independence from British rule, highlighting the issue of gender politics in India where women could sign documents only with the affirming signatures of their husbands or fathers.

The National Gallery of Art in Delhi exhibited some paintings from the series representing the United States during India’s 9th Triennale where the artist painted a #15, auctioned in New York to help fun Sakhi, a South Asian organization that provides assistance for women suffering from domestic abuse.

The fourteen paintings of the Veiled Presence series were numbered in the order they were completed by the artist to emphasize their anonymity, while their identity shines through, expressed in their dress. “like birds of brilliant plumage from villages to metropolis, women express their identity in their dress even when they are covered up.”

Prints on paper and giclees on canvas in a limited edition are available for purchase.

Join the artist for ARTChurch this month with musician Emily Tran.