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Centering, spiritually enriching and physically accessible to all. Participants will be guided with clear instruction in gentle yoga-based exercise and breath focused meditation, using chairs for comfort and support. Emphasis will be given on cultivating relaxation and concentration, as well as maximizing circulation, joint mobility, immunity and bone strength. No previous experience with yoga is required!

If you’re interested in participating in this class, please contact us or register and/or pay for upcoming yoga series or drop in sessions. Please bring a yoga mat to class if you have one to place under the chair. 


upcoming gentle yoga series

Wednesdays, 10 – 11:15 am @ Sanctuary
458 High Street, Medford

Upcoming Sessions: Fall Series 2 
Fall Series: 11/06/2019 through 12/18/2019

6 sessions @ 20.00 each = $120.00

No class (11/27)

Upcoming Sessions: Winter Series
Winter Series: 01/09/2019 through 03/04/2020

9 sessions @ 20.00 each = $180.00

A Payment can also be made for a Single Drop in session @ 25.00 per class.
Text UCCYOGA to 51555 or click here to sign up.

About the instructor

Judy Scribner has been practicing meditation since 1972, yoga since 1981, and teaching both since 1987. In addition to her yoga training and personal practice, a degree in Human Development and experience as a visual artist, an athlete and a mother inform her teaching and enable her skill at guiding students with vivid imagery and clear instruction. She is skilled at adapting the classical yoga postures to meet individual needs and encourages students to practice with patience to reveal the yoga already present within.

In her weekly classes and workshops, Judy shares ideas for integrating practice into daily routines so yoga becomes an accessible, personal and sustaining practice. She instructs students to use the natural rhythms of the breath to reveal the innate intelligence of the body and the ability to release long-held patterns of tension to find comfort and ease of movement. Her teaching is grounded in a firm belief that the practice of yoga enables us to be more fully present for both the challenges and joys of living.