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Christine Tinsley, Photographer | Gallery Reception and Reflections

Fri, Jun 9 @ 7:00pm @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Ministry Center
458 High Street
West Medford Square 02155

About the Artist:

When I look at a photograph, I see an assemblage of time. The image exists in the present, goes forward into the future, and yet flows back into the past. Silent memories fade, time flees and yet the instant of time seen by the camera’s eye is froze forever in a photograph.

Pinhole photography does not have an optical lens; light exposes the paper or film through a tiny ‘pinhole.’ Unlike an optical lens, which manipulates and corrects the image, the pinhole captures everything in front of it, free of aberration. A connection is created between viewer, image and subject as the light touches the subject outside the box and then causes a chemical reaction on the light sensitive material inside the box. It links the viewer in the here and now directly with the moment depicted in the there and then. It is raw photography. It is like placing your foot in the sand and leaving a footprint rather than drawing one on paper. The footprint was actually there. It was causal.

My work centers on my desire to understand the image, to capture the moment and hold on to it before it ceases to be. It is a memento mori reminder that time wait for no one.

“SisterVet” is a mixed media project that includes black and white portraits of women veterans and handmade paper made from the dress blue uniform shirt of women veterans…. The uniform is an object that has physically come in contact with our bodies and through time we’ve held on to this object. The weight of the memory woven into the fabric becomes heavier, more traumatic, more daunting and more beautiful. It is ingrained in the uniform, and now it will be released.

About the Reception:

BYOB: Bring your own Beer, Wine or Soda to this month’s new art Installation.

Hear from the Artist(s) about their inspiration and process – and join the conversation about your own experience of their creativity.