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ONLINE Worship & Sunday Circle: Boldly Broken

Sun, Apr 19 @ 10:30am @ 10:30 am – 11:30 am

For the duration of the Stay Home/Stay Safe orders – Sanctuary and Hillside will worship together, online via zoom and facebook live. Sunday morning scheduleincludes:

Theme: “Boldly Broken”
Scripture: John 20:19-31

This text could be identified asthe source of what is arguably a bad rap for the disciple Thomas. While theother disciples are hiding out together in fear, Thomas is apparently out inpublic. Is he boldly doing ministry? One thing is certain, he is not with thefear-laden disciples.

Without question, the disciples’fear is as legitimate as that of anyone who fears reprisals from those inauthority if they should speak out about what they know. And, when Thomas does arrive,he hears about the risen Christ whose presence had calmed the fear of thedisciples.

But – rather than accept the word ofthis previously fearful lot, Thomas dares to question. For Thomas, it is hiscourageous questioning that leads to an awareness of Jesus’ wounds, and an understandingof the risen Christ, the gift of the Holy Spirit, and the confidence that in andthrough our brokenness we can boldly serve in ministry. So.. how does your brokenness makeyou bold to serve?

Prayer for Easter 2: Come to us, God. Open our locked doors and hearts. Lead us, with all our questions and wonderings, into the exciting mystery of discipleship. We long to be your Easter people, to live and proclaim 
new life. Amen.


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