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Sunday Circle – Be the Light: Be a Blessing

Sun, Feb 9 @ 10:00am @ 10:00 am – 11:30 am
Ministry Center
458 High Street, West Medford Square

Scripture: Matthew 5:1-13

Theme: Be the Light: Be A Blessing

In this second week considering Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, we hear the connection between obedience to the law and being the salt of the earth, a city on a hill, and a light to the world. We strive to preserve our community like salt, abide in God’s presence as a city on God’s holy hill, and praise God with our good works which shine a light on God’s glory. But, conforming our lives to God’s commands seems like a lofty goal considering how much we struggle to make even small changes in our daily habits. And – our light can be smothered by our own stumbling and self-orientation. 

Ministry is bringing Christ’s light into the world in and through each of our lives and in the corporate witness of the church. YOU are the salt of the earth – preservers of community, enhancers of life’s flavors, healing agents, and more – and the cracks in your spirit, heart and soul are the space through which the light can shine!

Rev. Wendy preaches on how being the light is being a blessing!

Prayer for the Fifth Sunday After the Epiphany
Light of the world, be our light today. Creator of life, preserve our life this day. Holy God, pour out your righteousness on this day. Light of the world, we praise you with our hearts, songs, and minds. Amen.