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Sanctuary and Coronavirus Update

We will not gather onsite; and will worship and meet online until further notice.
For details regarding specific events, please see events page.
As of March 12, 2020 and based on the recommendation of our local Health Department, our denomination and the CDC; Sanctuary UCC will gather online only until further notice. Our staff are available as always and are working from home in hope and prayer that all will remain healthy. We will keep you virtually connected; and keep our communication, finance, pastoral care, and prayer flowing.

A Pastoral Prayer for this Time
Please join us in praying this aloud with your family.

Almighty and everlasting God, You are strength to those who suffer and comfort to those who grieve. Let the prayers of your children who are in trouble rise to you. Hear our prayer. We claim your promises of wholeness as we pray for those who are ill or are suffering loss and long for your healing touch. Hear our prayer. Make the weak strong, the sick healthy, the broken whole, and confirm those who serve them as agents of your love. Hear our prayer. To everyone in distress, grant mercy, grant relief, grant refreshment. Hear our prayer. As we hunker down and take these precautions, we commend our neighborhoods to your care. Give us strength of purpose and concern for others, that we may create a community where your will may be done. Hear our prayer. God of compassion, you watch our ways, and weave out of terrible happenings wonders of goodness and grace. Hear our prayer. Surround all of us, rocked by this moment and holding both fear and grief – with a sense of your present love. Hold us all in faith. Amidst all this uncertainty, may we find you and be comforted; In the name of love and through the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Reliable Information Sites We Are Following

These resources will be updated as more information follows suit.
Continue to follow reliable sources.

Want to Help?

Keep the Micro Pantries full to support the most vulnerable in our community.
You can bring beans, rice, tomatoes, canned veggies, tuna fish, peanut butter, toilet tissue, soap and more. Help those who use our micro-pantries every day. They are getting emptied at a much higher pace than usual in this time of grave uncertainty! We will take your backup and store and distribute if the pantry is full when you get here!

Watch our communication for more information about other volunteer opportunities as they are organized.

AND, please be very, very careful that you are taking all appropriate precautions for yourself and those you wish to help. Practice social distancing. Avoid face-to-face contact, but call your elder neighbor instead. If you want to shop for someone, leave the items on the doorstep. Find ways to help that does not compromise the efforts being made to ‘flatten the curve’.