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is it quitting time? a conversation about letting go*

Postponed until further notice – watch for more information

Onsite @ Hillside Community Church

Online @ AltarLive

You’ve heard it referred to as “The Great Resignation” or just “Quitted”. As NYT Opinion writer Lindsay Crouse notes, “It’s been a brutal few years. But we’ve gritted through. We’ve spent time languishing. We’ve had one giant national burnout. And now, finally, we’re quitting. We are quitting our jobs. Our cities. Our marriages. Even our Twitter feeds…. Not because we are weak, but because we are smart.”

Join us for a three-week series that asks the question – How can be we smart about letting go? These three sessions are stand-alone discussions and each will consider different aspects of this cultural moment. Watch for more information about the prompts for each session

Please sign up here to let us know you will join us. If you can’t make these days/times, but would participate if we held this conversation at another time please make a suggestion on this same form we may form another group if needed.

*This discussion group is connected to our Beating Burnout Sermon series and Lasting Look Art Gallery series.

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