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I agree with bestselling author and blogger Mo Isom Aiken – we don’t talk about sex enough.  Sure, our culture is obsessed with it; our entertainment outlets ooze it all over us until we feel dirty; and our social screens stream it in unhealthy forms full of unrealistic lust, misshapen body and beauty ideals, power-over-porn, ugly adultery, and random hook-ups.

Unfortunately, while society cheapens and perverts sex the church is either shaming those of us who are having it, subverting both the joy and sacredness of sex; or the church is downright silent on the matter.

But here’s the thing – God created sex – and God created us to be sexual beings. So how can sex possibly be a thing about which to be ashamed?

God, loves us and God loves our sex. And it’s about time the church took back the conversation about sex – and taught God’s people about the wild, wet, and holy act of mutual love that we call – sex.

Rev. Tom did just that this past Sunday during our Hot Seat Sermon Series. Click here to hear the whole thing.

And join us this Sunday for “Hot Seat Quick Takes…” where Tom, John, and I will tackle ten testy topics submitted by you on everything from from Hate to Doubt to Defunding the Police to the stigma of Mental Illness and the Gender of God; because everybody needs a little Sanctuary.

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