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Have you ever found yourself wondering what the heck God was actually thinking when you try to reconcile things religious people say with what you actually experience in your life and know to be true? We have been asking some of those questions the past few weeks in our Bad Girls of The Bible Sermon Series.

 One of my biggest questions has to do with that whole “women-are-responsible-for-humanity’s-downfall-thing”!?  You know – the slithering-snake and the apple-toting-temptress seducing poor old innocent Adam to disobey God – leaving humanity forever cursed to be miserable and ashamed!?  Christian Doctrine calls it Original Sin – and that putrid picture has permeated patriarchy and thus women’s self-esteem for centuries.

But this misreading of the Creation Myth in Genesis, with Eve being painted as the First Bad Girl of The Bible – is impossible to reconcile with what we know to be true about God. You see – Eve was actually being exactly who and what God had created her to be – a curious seeker and tester of limits; a quintessentially human being who takes initiative and has the courage be all that she can be.

 Yeah, it is impossible to reconcile the idea of woman as the bearer of all responsibility for sin with the knowledge that God adores ALL of Creation every gender, every culture, every sinner.

Beloved – God Adores all of us – and no matter how badly we misunderstand what God is up to – She forgives us our every trespass.

And join us this Sunday at 10:30 for our fifth Bad Girl, Bathsheba – because everybody needs a little sanctuary.

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