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I didn’t recognize the number but I answered the phone. And an anxious voice on the other end said, “Rev. Wendy – I know you’re really busy, but do you have a minute?

“Oh man oh man – in the course of about a heartbeat I thought, “Geeze, I am really busy, who is this, what do they want, I have to… blah, blah, blah?” And then I took a breath‒—and the Holy Spirit answered—“Of course, how can I help?”

And with that one momentary shift—an amazing opportunity to be of use unfolded. And, when the call was finished, I was the one who had been blessed.

I’ve decided to stop saying that I am busy. Being busy does nothing for my spiritual condition.

Our series on spiritual habits led us to consider fasting this past Sunday. And fasting is really about, “What we make room for!”

So, whether you are fasting from food or social media; spending or complaining; judging, being afraid, or being too busy—I promise, with practice, and support—you can make room…

And when you do—you can use it to…

play with the kids; or

do a little self-care or even some earth-care;

You can use it to

to pray and connect with God;

to love your neighbor;

or just love.

And that’s enough.

These are the things that do something for your spiritual condition. So, yeah, I am done with being busy. I mean, my schedule is still chock full—but so is my heart, and my life, and my soul.

So, what are you making room for today?

To watch the whole sermon, click here.

And… join us this Sunday at 10:30 for worship when we will wrap up our series with the spiritual habit of “Community and Connection” because everybody needs a little sanctuary.

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