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As a new kind of faith community, Sanctuary UCC is constantly assessing the impact and outcomes of our experiment to “be sanctuary in the city.”
We are pretty sure that we are doing something unique and much needed as we ask deep questions, have deep conversations, make deep connections and form deep convictions. We also think that doing this through art, film and music is pretty cool and we have discovered that it attracts people who would not otherwise be involved in a church. Sanctuary’s “sacred circles” are faithful, formative, inspirational and a blessing!
That is not all though – we’re convinced that we have been called to offer moral leadership, spread extravagant care and prayer, and make God’s love and justice real – in the city of Medford and beyond. Our engagement in community groups and our volunteer programs and Lakota YouthStay have inspired, encouraged, served and transformed.
Now, three years after we sold and moved out of our church building to finance this vision, we find ourselves at another crossroad. We need to develop a plan for Sanctuary to become sustainable within the next two years – and we need help and wisdom from community leaders to discover how best to do that.
That is where you come in! Could you – would you – tell us what you think? We are asking for feedback – come and tell us how you ‘experience Sanctuary.’
Some of our questions are:
  • What impact has Sanctuary had
    • …on you or your family?
    • …on your organization?
    • …the city of Medford?
  • How might Sanctuary have greater impact?
    • …are there things we should do less of?
  • Given this unique model of church
    • …how might Sanctuary become sustainable?
    • …raise funds to continue?
    • …develop leadership to continue?
    • …staff for success?
    • …turn casual engagement into conviction?

Join us for a Breakfast and Feedback Circle, Sunday, October 22 at 10 am at Sanctuary (458 High Street)! 

Or please come talk with us any time, or send a video / written response as soon as you are able.

Thanks for all you do – and thanks for considering this invitation.
Rev. Wendy Miller Olapade
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