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On Pentecost Sunday, Rev. Lambert invited us to dream of a church and asked the question, ‘How Many Left?

We meditated to composer, Mark Miller’s, “I Dream of a Church” and shared our own dreams…

Here are some of the dreams that we shared:

  • I dream that we can grow big enough to truly welcome everyone. Enough space to do ANY ministry that a member wants. Our community will depend on us for providing a space of love. That broken people will pour in to find wholeness in Jesus.
  • I dream of a place I can go for peace and quiet. Where I can feel God’s Love!
  • PEACE TO ALL. 1. I dream that Sanctuary continues its mission of being part of the community. 2. We are able to reach more people and have them begin to take steps with us.
  • A caring community with a strong focus on serving those in need
  • My dream is for the church to use its privilege to really affect change
  • I dream of a church where I can dance, make friends, and learn who God is and why Jesus loves me sooo much.
  • My dream for Sanctuary! – More new friends join us in our circles of care programs. – New friends and old friends join us in worship
  • I hope that eventually, more people will come to know and love Sanctuary and all that it is doing for the community
  • That the church (Sanctuary) will offer alternatives for worship making it meaningful for those who are disenchanted with the old institution at church and yet need and seek to worship, and yet continue that which feels like home to so many, as in the different translations of the Bible.
  • I dream that the Sanctuary gives me hope, strength, good health, and inspiration for the rest of my life.
  • I dream of a church where everyone will feel welcome and comfortable and inspired and motivated to make connections with others in order to do meaningful and necessary good in the neighborhood and larger world.
  • I dream of a Big worship experience that inspires joy, singing, and dancing with a abroad and divers community that is moved to go out into Medford and beyond to spread love and care.

Enjoy this beautiful piece of music and share your own dreams in the comments.

God, make it so!


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