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2022.07.08 One Minute Word: Screw the Anomymity – God!

A quick reflection on last week’s sermon – The Book of Esther teaches us how to look for God in our lives. 

Scripture References: Esther 1:1-22Esther 2:1-23

My friends in AA often quip that “there is no such thing as a coincidence.” Rather “there are simply moments of Grace that are God’s way of remaining anonymous!”

The internet attributes this quote to Albert Einstein, but the original author is a little unclear – unless of course you buy into the idea altogether, and then I suppose you could say that the author is, well… God, remaining anonymous.

The idea here is that breathe-by-breath, choice-by-choice, miracle-by-miracle; God’s grace brings us to where we are.

But if that is so – given where we are as a country –

  • with political parties and courts that do not represent the will of the people;
  • injustice running rampant in all of our systems; and
  • guns being more important than children…?

I want to shake my fist and ask God to screw the anonymity and be a little more clear in their directions!

My preaching partner, Rev. Tom – asked this very question last week – where the heck is God in all of this mess?

I would say that God comfortably breaks their anonymity – when we human beings show up, when we stay in the mess with each other, when we respond with love and at the pace of grace.

Because what we do from moment-to-moment with God’s string of coincidences – matters – and it changes the world.

Check out the whole sermon here and join us this Sunday online or in-person at 10:30 because “everybody needs a little sanctuary”.

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