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After a very long search process, replete with a few changes to our hiring plan, a couple of near misses and some wonderful examples of God doing for us what we could not do for ourselves –the search committee (Maria Scott, Gini Berthiaume, Charlene Carle, Liz Douglass, Branwen Cook, Carvina Williams, Fraelean Curtis) with support from Sanctuary Manager, Sheri Wilson; is literally thrilled to introduce to you Sanctuary’s Office and Social Media Administrator, Yen Kang (Alex) Wang.

The Leadership Circle and Search team began the process of bringing to fruition the new staffing model approved by the 2018 Annual Congregational Meeting with a high-level idea of the roles and responsibilities we needed, a handful of job expectations, and a vision of a Sanctuary team peppered with part time staff and contractors that had very specific skills and expertise in things like marketing, administration, social media, grant writing. We believed that this team of specialists could help us move toward sustainability and help us grow our ministries and free up our pastor to do the community organizing, networking and pastoring which would allow us to better be sanctuary in Medford.

As candidates found their way to sanctuary and expressed a call to be a part of us, the job descriptions that we thought we were seeking to fill shifted and transformed driven by the gifts and graces of the candidates. One job got split into two, things we thought we would hire contractors to do have been added to another and we find ourselves fully staffed and wicked excited about the team we have drafted! We are happy to report with the recent addition of Alex Wang we believe we are fully staffed (for a time) and are ready and raring to break out of the conditions of always being behind!

Let us introduce you!

Alex Wang graduated with a master’s degree in International Marketing from HULT International Business School in 2017. His educational experiences and years living in Nicaragua, Taiwan, and the U.S. enable him to speak fluent Mandarin, English, Spanish and basic Portuguese. He is very excited to be at Sanctuary, to learn from us about the non-profit arena, and to be a part of a start-up team that is generating ideas, building a new church and leaning on him for social media, data analytics and communications expertise.

He will be offering day-to-day church hospitality; managing communications such as email and news distribution, data base management, and the church calendars; leading ongoing web and social media presence for Sanctuary’s ministries; and will work closely with Sheri Wilson to implement marketing and fundraising campaigns.

Alex’s experiences include numerous positions in marketing and his most recent role was as a Marketing Specialist at Mass Medical International, a global healthcare consultancy founded in Boston in 2015. The company specializes in patient referrals for medical consultations and facilitates medical training programs for visiting healthcare experts. Alex’s job was to develop and implement online and offline content to build brand awareness in the medical/healthcare industry for the Greater Boston area.

Alex plays basketball on a weekly basis with his friends at Boston University. Once a basketball star in high school, Alex discovered that basketball helped him realize the importance of teamwork and hard work – an ethic that he brings to career development and his day to day work.

Did we say we were thrilled?

Alex began his work this week and all who have met him are charmed. He is warm and personable, clever, kind, quick on the draw, bright, and excited to be here – and all of that is palpable in his energy and presence. He is also pretty cool and is able to reflect numerous perspectives that are not currently represented in our midst–and that is very cool!

We will be working over the next month to train him on our systems and many sites and facebook pages and hope to have things caught-up in the next month or so so that we can “take-off” as he hit the fall season!

Please stop in and meet him during his regular hours: Tuesday through Friday, 11 am to 4 pm; or reach him at the church administrator email address –

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