We are action-oriented followers of Jesus, who humbly strive through worship, faith formation and the practice of Jesus’ teachings to love God and our neighbors as God loves us.

what we're all about


We welcome ALL people: believers, non-believers, doubters, questioners, no matter who they love, their gender identity or expression, their race, culture, ability, or economic circumstance. All are a blessing to our journey of faith and we seek to share God’s love and grace with all.

the arts

We believe that human creativity is a gift from God and that the fruits of that creativity help us express our faith in profound ways. Painting, song, dance, story-telling – we look for God’s inspiration in all of them!


Both scripture and our own experience tell us that loving God and loving people go hand-in-hand. Our community is fiercely committed to getting out of the church building and lending a hand to those who need it.