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about the exhibit

You might say that “migration happens”.

For some it is as big as leaving one’s culture and country and arriving in another.

For another is as modest as leaving home for college, moving to a new job, or becoming a parent – none of which are actually modest migrations.

It might be as subtle as a shift in perspective or as obvious as a change in partner or identity.

You are invited to wonder – with us – about the shared human experience of migration. We have all experienced it – sometimes literally, sometimes metaphorically, sometimes with support, and sometimes all alone in the dark.

This multi-media gallery installation with multiple interactive experiences is designed to get at our migration stories – and be transformed by them all!

get involved

Will you come and show us, tell us – your emigration, migration, immigration experiences?

Tell us about leaving home or finding home or both.  Does your body hold your ancestors’ “great migration”? Do you have your own long journey? Have you been a stranger in a strange land?  Have you found a haven where there had been none? Have you started over or built a new identity? What did you let go of? What did you keep hold of? Where have you come from – where have you gone to?

The experiences are endless–but let’s express them–together.

iammigration events

“City of God” by Peter Balentine
Art Gallery Installation

Ongoing February through March

Learn more about the artist and their inspiration

call for art reflecting “iammigration”

visual, textile, sculpture, poetry, spoken word

Submit through March 31

Get the details for this call for art reflecting the Immigrant Experience

IAmMigration – “City of God”
Gallery Opening and ArtChurch

Reception and Reflections
February 10, 2023 (7-9 pm)

The Swimmers | Faith and Film

Friday, March 3 (6:15 – 9:30 pm)

Snow Date 3/5 (5:30 – 8:45 pm)

Open Gallery Hours

Drop in and see the experience
by making an appointment.