Call to Artists, Makers, Storytellers, Reflectors, and Breathers

After 2 years, the Gallery@Sanctuary will be reopening with an exhibition honoring our collective experience and celebrating all we’ve created in response to how our lives have been altered during this *$#%* time.

What did you do during the pandemic to keep yourself going and heal yourself? How did you find your way through? Learn to crochet? Bake bread? Play an instrument? Make TikToks? Write poetry? Journal? Paint, collage, photograph?  Breathe, pray, do yoga, walk?

Maybe you couldn’t make anything – but you held on and made it through.

Do you have a story to tell? Is there something you made during the pandemic? Would you like to create something now as you look back and ahead?

We’d like to exhibit it all at the Gallery@Sanctuary as a way to illustrate a shared experience of the pandemic. We need who you are and how you found your way as part of the installation and together we will breathe through this next transition.

Directions for how to particpate

1. Email us at to let us know you’d like to participate.

2. In your email please include

  • An electronic version of your art (a picture of your work, or an audio or video file, or link to your art online)
  • A description of the work – ex. oil painting/textile/photograph/poem/audio/video, etc. plus the size of the object if you’ll be dropping off a physical object.
  • your name, email address, best contact number

3. We welcome you to also email a brief story of how you came to create this that we could print alongside your work. Some ideas: What inspired you to start? How did it affect you and those around you? What does it mean to you? Will you keep going? Has it inspired you to change your life?

4. If you will be dropping off a physical object, tell us when you’d like to drop it off at Sanctuary Gallery ( 458 High St, Medford,MA) – we would like to have it before the Opening Reception (Sat, April 30) but we are planning to build this show for a while, so if you need to arrange for later, please let us know!. Please send an email to schedule your drop-off ( 

We’ll hang your work on the walls of the gallery and alongside it print your story. Beginning May 1, The Gallery@Sanctuary will be open for interaction and reflection:

  • Tuesday & Thursday (4 – 7 pm)
  • Friday (4 – 8 pm)
  • Saturday (9 am to noon)
  • by appointment

We invite all to come to the gallery with friends and family on Sat. April 30 at 4pm so we can hear and celebrate the stories together.

Thank you!