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Our Whole Lives is grounded in child development theory and draws on research about the physical, mental, emotional, and social abilities of children at different ages.

Please continue to the specific details of each developmental offering below.


This curriculum is based on the following values, beliefs, and goals:

Values & Beliefs

• All children should be loved, cared for, respected, and valued as unique individuals.

• Sexuality is a natural and healthy part of living. Children begin to learn about sexuality at birth and continue to learn throughout their lives.

• Children learn about sexuality from how people touch them, talk with them, and expect them to behave. The messages that children receive affect their future attitudes, values, and behaviors.

• Information about sexuality, human development, and sexual health should be presented to children in positive, accurate, and developmentally appropriate ways.

• Parents and caregivers are their children’s most important sexuality educators. The larger community of educators, child care providers, and health professionals can also have a positive influence on children’s sexual health.


• to strengthen and support each program participant’s sense of self and self-esteem

• to help young people understand the place of sexuality in human life and loving relationships

• to encourage young people to appreciate their bodies as good, beautiful, private, and special

• to provide young people with accurate, developmentally appropriate information about human sexuality, reproduction, and gender

• to prepare young people for some of the changes they will experience as they grow and develop

• to help young people develop the interpersonal skills-including communication, decision-making, and problem-solving skills-that will help keep them safe and healthy

• to help young people learn to make responsible decisions that show respect for themselves and others, while learning to anticipate possible consequences

• to help families communicate openly

• to strengthen parents’/caregivers’ roles as their children’s most important sexuality educators

Our Trained and Credentialed Facilitators Have Included:

Co-facilitated Grade 5/6 OWL – 2019/2020

Renee Elaine Manning, M.Div grew up in the Boston area and has two beautiful daughters from her first marriage, Evelyn and Erin. Renee married her wife, Serena in 2014 and gained two sons, Andrew and Ricky. Renee is a Senior CAD illustrator on the PATRIOT Missile Project and has been at Raytheon for 35 years. On the side, Renee portrays five historical characters including a space shuttle pilot and Galileo – in schools through-out New England. Recently awarded a Master of Divinity degree from Andover Newton Theological School Renee is seeking ordination in the UCC faith tradition and is a GLBT advocate specializing in teaching “Transgender 101”.

Lynn Rosenbaum, M.Ed., M.A. has been enthusiastically facilitating Our Whole Lives for the past six years to young people in grades 4-12 in Arlington, Cambridge and Belmont in both church and community settings. An experienced Prevention Educator, she has educated young people on issues including substance abuse, sexual assault, and eating disorders. She co-authored the chapter on Sexuality in Our Bodies, Ourselves and is on the Steering Committee for the Community Health Network Coalition (CHNA17). Lynn is also a musician and dancer, leading community Circle Sings and performing with the School of Honk.

Get Involved

Plans are underway for additional series (i.e. k-1, 8-9) to take place in the Spring and Fall of 2020.  If you have interest in this program as a parent, volunteer or partner please contact Rev. Wendy.