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Saturday, July 18, 2020; 10 am – 1 pm in Pembroke, MA

For the past three years, Sanctuary UCC and the Medford MicroPantry Mission has partnered with Tufts University, Medford Faith Communities, Medford residents, and The Outreach Program ( to purchase and pack 35,000 protein enriched, low cost, shelf stable, non-perishable meals. These have been distributed throughout Medford’s churches, food pantries, and micro pantries.  The cost of these healthy meals is $.30 per serving. Due to the generosity of other organizations, we have been able to distribute an additional 10,000 servings during the pandemic through the nine Medford MicroPantries, Community Cupboard Food Pantry, and Bread of Life.

Since the pandemic began, the Medford Micropantry Mission has received additional emergency grants from Tufts Community Outreach, Medford’s Melville Trust, Medford Community Coalition, and Medford High Girls Softball Team; as well as countless individual donations which will allow us to pack and distribute another 15,000 shelf stable meals and expand the Micro Pantry Mission to install more micro pantries.

You are invited to join us for an immediate opportunity pack these 15,000 meals at the Pembroke warehouse of the Outreach Program wherein masked individuals and family groups (of up to 4 people) will be set up to be physically distanced from anyone they did not arrive with. You will pack meals for a three hour shift and bring back the cases to Sanctuary UCC, Medford where they will be stored and distributed as needed through these same networks.

Please go to to sign up to pack meals on July 18 and donate as you are able.

Don’t want to pack but want to help? Please go to to sign up to help fill one of the nine Medford Micro Pantries or to donate to the Micro Pantry Mission!

Contact: Bailey Henderson, ; or Mike Oliver, 617-605-7325

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