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Sometimes – especially during these months of the pandemic – when we have all suffered from Covid Fog – it has felt as though my brain is on autopilot.

Now – autopilot may be good for air traffic but it’s not such a good thing for people – because when my brain is on autopilot – it is a LOT harder for me to resist my ego’s intentions… which are basically ALL about me.

And that’s troublesome – because it keeps me from being compassionate and loving towards others and God’s Creation.

And that, beloved – limits my capacity to be of use out in the world. When I am focused on me – I can’t be focused on you.

Experts tell us that our unconscious mind makes a majority of our decisions. And that is what creates blind spots—unconscious biases that can narrow our vision and influence our behavior.

So, if we allow our brains to be on autopilot – then our blind spots and biases are in control and making our decisions for us.

(Shiver) That gives me pause…

This past Sunday, Rev. Tom preached about the blind spots we have in regard to money, greed and generosity.

But I am here to tell you friends, we’ve got a whole lot of other blinds spots – especially when it comes to equity, race, and caste.

I have found that the best solution to those blind spots (which by the way are a part of being human) is to be connected to a community that teaches me and calls me to care for my neighbor and the Earth.

You see, with each other’s help, we can choose another way – a conscience and connected way – a way that puts Love of others first.

Check out Rev. Tom’s Hot Seat Sermon on blind spots – by clicking the link here.

And guess what!? We are starting a new sermon series this week on Bad Girls of the Bible. This week we’ll meet Jezebel – and I’ll try to answer the question – was she a sinful seductress or a savvy-stateswoman?

Join us this Sunday at 10:30 because everybody needs a little sanctuary. See you soon.

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