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2022.09.15 One Minute Word: Calling All Covenants

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There is – in the Hebrew Bible – a pretty pessimistic prophet by the name of Jeremiah; who after the destruction of Jerusalem – uncharacteristically preached a word of hope from atop the rubble. Now that may sound like a story that has no bearing on your life today – but I am here to tell you that when you dig into it – there are a lot of parallels.

From the midst of nationalism, destruction, and heartbreak – that weeping prophet preached a promise from God – a two-way covenant that God wrote right on our very hearts. It was a promise that God would be our God and that we would be God’s people. Beloved and healed – no matter what.

This covenant is like an infinity loop – God loves us – we love God; God loves us – we love our neighbor. We love our neighbor – God loves us.

Love is like that – isn’t it? It just keeps going.

And that sounds like hope to me!

For more about living the love of God’s covenant – watch the whole sermon on the link below. And join us this Sunday for the first of our HASHTAG #Adulting Series when Rev. Tom explores the unlikely place from which we develop wisdom.

Because everybody needs a little sanctuary – and a community to teach us how to love – to infinity (and beyond!).

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