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2022.09.15 One Minute Word: Unfigureoutable

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Atlantic magazine recently wrote that Millennials adopted the hashtag #adulting in part because – as a generation – they entered that period feeling somewhat unprepared, “wanting to express that maturity means not only reaching a certain chronological point in your life, but also attending to the concomitant tasks”. So when you google adulting images you find responsibilities like doing the laundry and paying your bills.

Our current #Adulting series looks more deeply at a mature life of faith. While spiritual practice is always a good idea – whatever your age – there is more to faithful #adulting than prayer and meditation or going to church. This past Sunday we talked about Wisdom as an asset for adulting. And while those of us who have been around for a while recognize the value of experience and knowledge – Rev. Tom kind of blew our minds with another angle.

Yes study, longevity, hard times, good times – all the times – if we integrate them – leave us with understanding and even some wisdom about the world and human beings – including ourselves!

But, maybe – accepting that all those times and all those things and all those people are un-figure-outable – maybe that is the real wisdom.

Maybe letting the moment be the moment without trying to understand it is the start of grasping what cannot be explained.

Maybe approaching life and love and God as mystery leads us to a grown-up relationship with all the things.

In the end, when we live our days with an attitude of gratitude and awe for all the miracles that already are… breath, sunshine, the cycle of nature, and love – it doesn’t even matter if we understand it.

For more about the wonder of wisdom – watch the whole sermon on the link below. And join us this Sunday at 10:30 onsite or online as our HASHTAG #Adulting Series continues with a look at how a mature faith gets used!

Because everybody needs a little sanctuary – and a community to teach us how to love – like a grown-up!

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