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2022.07.21 One Minute Word: Help Me Choose

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Science tells us that the average adult makes about 35,000 remotely conscious decisions each and every day; from what we eat and wear, to how we use our resources, where we go, how we get there, with whom we spend our time, and what we do when we arrive! As our responsibilities increase, and the world gets more complex – so do the multitude of choices we have to make.

Each of those decisions carries consequences that can be both good and bad; both helpful and harmful – depending on who is affected. In other words, some of our choices have moral implications!

So, how do we manage to make up our minds – and not screw up our lives, our loves, our kids, or our community? Well – We’ve got to have help!

Certainly the help of a higher power is important! But I have found that the best way to manage all those choices without getting in trouble – is to get surrounded by a community of caring characters who can guide me in my choices and bring me back to center when I inevitably veer off the track.

Beloved, we simply can not do this human be-ing thing alone.

For more about how to find the balance – Rev. Tom’s sermon from last week about “Change Making” is linked below.

And really – I mean it – join us for worship this Sunday at 10:30 at Hillside Community Church or online because everybody needs a little sanctuary… and a supportive faith community that values connection, wellness, and love.

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