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Tech Aide/Digital Deacon – Summary Job Description

Neighborhood faith community seeks support staff to manage onsite, technical aspects of hybrid, streaming worship service. There are no faith-based prerequisites or job responsibilities involved in this position.

  • Expected work hours: Sunday, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
  • Hourly rate: $15.00 – $25.00 contractor rate; depending on experience, expertise, and video editing efficiency
  • PC-based hardware will be provided
  • We will train you on the systems in use
  • Position available immediately
  • On-site Hillside neighborhood, Medford, MA
  • Must be vaccinated and willing to wear a mask
  • Potential for additional remote hours for social media administration could be added for the right candidate.
  • Applications are being accepted immediately.
  • Send resume, cover letter, and provide access to a sample of your work (edited video, other evidence of expertise for this position to:

Tasks include (but not limited to):

    • During the Worship Service
      • Operate audio/video input via Wirecast and onsite camera shots
      • Operate streaming systems to online platforms (AltarLive and/or Zoom)
      • Operate online/hybrid meeting platform and onsite projector
      • Ensure safety of online meeting (mute, unmute, camera access of participants, etc.) 
      • Post announcements/links, welcome and answer questions, engage online participants through chat
    • Following the Service
      • Video Editing of service
        • Sermon
        • Pastoral prayer
        • Songs
      • Video Uploads to social media platforms
        • Create Youtube playlist for the Sunday messages
        • Create Youtube playlist for Sunday’s music
    • Potential for additional hours doing Social Media Scheduling using Postplanner

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