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Although Sanctuary and Hillside are the same welcoming church communities we have always been, worshipping online can make things feel impersonal. We need YOUR help to make our virtual services just as inviting as our in-person ones!

read scripture

Support our weekly worship by reading scripture – record (Video or Audio) the scripture lesson and email to Rev. Tom by Friday at noon.

be a virtual deacon

Volunteer to be at the “Door” of our virtual worship (via the Zoom Chat) to greet, encourage, sign-up for news & access links, AND collect the community’s prayers for next week’s news.

We hope to have (2) Virtual Deacons assigned to each gathering. We will train you on the use of the technology and ask that you be willing to sign up on a recurring basis (ie: monthly, bi-weekly, every first Sunday).

join our music team

Join Bryce, Stephanie, Luke, and Adam and make beautiful music together (virtually). With the direction of our music staff – record yourself singing, harmonizing, humming, playing an instrument, dancing, or grooving!

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