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Have you ever wished you could hear Aaron Olapade read you a story, or Ben Jacques read you a poem while you cooked dinner/played with your dinosaurs/sewed a quilt/organized your acupuncture needles? Now you can! Zoom in just as you are from 5-5.30 pm on February 28 for the first of our 4th Sunday Stories, a short, laid-back afternoon/evening with our families in mind! 

Find zoom access here!

Each 4th Sunday we’ll be reading a favorite story, offering some fun optional activities for the kids, then reading a short poem for the adults. Throw on your comfiest pants, talkback, or just take it all in. Participation is welcome but not required.

In honor of Black History Month, we are celebrating Sanctuary/Hillside’s ongoing commitment to raising anti-racist kiddos, so grab some supper, your favorite stuffed rhino, and settle in for a short program featuring:  

“Storytime with Uncle Aaron,” starring the soothing & dulcet tones of Aaron Olapade reading one of his childhood favorites, featuring black stories and voices. 

A non-competitive coloring competition with these wonderful coloring pages lifting up the lives and work of Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes, and Paul Laurence Dunbar with friend of Sanctuary UCC Ivy Tillman (maybe you’ll even get an “Extremely Ridiculous Award” from student minister John Sinclair). ADULT COLORERS WELCOME!!!!

Note: Coloring pages are available via the links above (the corresponding PDF is connected to the name of the author) or on the porch of Hillside Community Church for those without access to printing. 

A stirring poetry reading from the one and only Ben Jacques. ALL IN JUST A ½ HOUR!

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