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2022.10.28 One Minute Word:

Which GPS Directs Your Life (and Vote)?

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I wonder if you have any idea how very much you are influenced by the gospel.

I’m not talking about the good news of any sort of spiritual or faith tradition.

I’m talking about the gospels that drive our politics in America –

  • the gospel of prosperity, capitalism, and consumption;
  • the gospel of patriotism and America first;
  • the gospel of security and the promise that we need not ever experience any vulnerability;
  • and, of course…
  • the greatest gospel of them all – white supremacy and the belief that there is a hierarchy of human value.

These political forces have in=es-ti-ma-ble power because they are tribal, and they hit us where it matters most – at the heart of our emotional lives.

Now, you may not have considered these forces as gospels, but I assure you that they have had an influence on the direction of your politics and the direction of your life.

So, are these the gospels that you want to use as your GPS?

My spiritual director, you’ve probably heard of him…Jesus? – he knows how easy it is to get lost and he knows how to get human beings back on track – which is why he constantly calls us to live a #LoveEthic – in our communities, in our relationships, and in our politics.

The truth is it’s pretty easy to follow his directions – even if that whole religious thing makes you squirm.

So, click on the link below to hear more about how, in community – we can re-position our loves, loyalties, and our politics.

And join us this Sunday at 10:30 onsite or online for more about the Liturgy of Politics.

Because everybody needs a little sanctuary and a tribe whose purpose it is – to bring love into the world AND into the voting booth – for the sake of your neighbors – every one of them!

See you soon.

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