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2022.10.14 One Minute Word: Insides Out

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My friends who practice 12-Step spirituality have this great expression about matching your insides to your outsides. This simple proverb has a lot of layers; not the least of which is “to thine own self be true”.

But it is also used as cautionary wisdom – designed to keep you out of the compare-a-torium where you will inevitably obsess about why your neighbors’ outward-facing, filtered lives look so great on Instagram – while you are inside the unfiltered, harsh reality of your own life – wondering how things got to be such a mess!

But you can also think of this invitation to match your insides to your outsides as encouragement to live with integrity.  It’s like an invitation to align your outward behavior with your inner identity and with your intentions for yourself, your family, and your neighbor.

God has had a lot to say about matching our sides! None of us would argue with the truth that living with integrity requires us to match the things we profess to care about – with the actions we take to make love and justice real in the world.

In fact last Sunday our sermon was all about how deeply disturbed God gets when those things are not aligned. When we pray in church and say we love our neighbor but then vote for elected officials whose actions do not care for the poor – it literally breaks God’s heart.

So Check out the sermon video below to hear more about how distressed God gets when we just put lipstick on a pig.

And join us this Sunday at 10:30 onsite or online for more about the Liturgy of Politics. As we lead up to the election in a couple of weeks – let’s work together to match our inside intentions with our outside actions – in the voting booth!

Because everybody needs a little sanctuary and some help with directing the loves and loyalties of our politics.

See you soon.

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