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2022.10.14 One Minute Word: The Power of Politics

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Ahhh the power and pull of Politics! Tell me… Are you tired of it Piles of postcards and partisan positions are already being plopped in my mailbox and election day is still weeks away.

In the lead up to these midterm elections my faith community is both studying and hosting a preaching series based on Kaitlyn Schiess’ (pronounced “Shess”) book – The Liturgy of Politics – which systematically exposes the incredible pull of politics over the whole of our lives.

It also explains how the things that American culture worships – capitalism and consumption, patriotism and security, and white supremacy—shape more of us than just how we vote.

In other words, “Political values don’t stay political; they become ultimate.”

If we let them.

While Christianity has been complicit in misshaping our culture’s priorities (and that may be an understatement) – faith communities still do have great resources to balance out the power of political and cultural idolatry.

Churchy things like gathering, studying, serving, caring, and a working for peace and justice—these all help us to

  • ground our personal choices in God’s economy,
  • reframe our values through an equity ethic, and
  • negotiate our public politics with grace.

For more about how faith can re-shape this landscape – join us for the Liturgy of Politics. And imagine bringing love into the voting booth – for your own well being and for the sake of your neighbors – every one of them!

Wanna join the conversation? Register for the study group on the link below. Or be with us Sunday at 10:30 for worship onsite or online – because everybody needs a little sanctuary and help with directing the loves and loyalties of our politics.

See you soon.

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