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2022.10.07 One Minute Word: There’s An App for That

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Have you noticed that church folk get all weird about The Bible? Depending on your perspective – you might consider the Bible an inerrant set of sacrosanct rules that came straight out of God’s very mouth.

You might think it a bunch of great stories and helpful moral guidance written by people who had a close relationship with God – like Jesus.

Or, you might think it’s just a bunch of hoo-ha that has absolutely no application in your life.

Whatever their perspective though church folk often refer to the Bible as God’s Holy Word.

I think that what makes the words holy is what we do with them.

When the words in the Bible are used as a weapon – they are as profane and ugly as the twisted intentions being wielded.

When the words in the Bible are used as a tool for love – they are sacred and sacramental.

So how do you choose how to use all those weird words?

Well, there’s an app for that.

  • caring communities collaborating and connecting to the Source,
  • loving learners listening to the Spirit and each other,
  • humble humans guided by ancient ideas and modern wisdom…

…this is what gets us to love – every time.

There is an app for that – and it is us.

For more about how to connect to that really smart App, click on the link below for last week’s Sermon on #Adulting.

And join us this Sunday for worship onsite or online – because everybody needs a little sanctuary and a road map for how to live out love.

See you soon.

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