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Sunday, November 21, 10:30 am Worship with Guest Preacher – Carlos Aoun

“The Good Samaritan: Part 2 – Little Life Stories” (Text: Luke 10:25-37)

Join us next Sunday, 11/21 for guest preacher, Carlos Aoun an internationally renowned photographer, adjunct professor at the Lebanese American University, member in discernment from Old South Church, Boston, and facilitator of Christian/Muslim relations. Get to know Carlos a little bit better with a few words from him:

“I am Carlos Aoun, a Lebanese Christian, born in 1966. I come from an artistic background, where I used to work as a fashion and beauty photographer. From an early age, I was drawn to Christ and began to learn more about Him through the gospel stories, prayer and meditation of the Word.

I finished my seminary last year, and found myself joining the UCC last year, in the hope of ordination. I love the physical and Spiritual activities where I can align my thinking with the rhythm of my breath, and thus be in meditation or contemplation while being active in the real world.

A photographer is an observer of life! I learned a lot through observing and listening to life taking place everywhere around me. This made me grow into an awareness of how much we humans, at a deeper level, share the same pains and sufferings, the same longings and joy, and the same fears and hopes. It also helped me imagine and project myself into the biblical narratives, thus learning to look at the Bible as a mirror of our day to day life, with our ups and downs, loves and hates, rejoicings and griefs. A perfect companion of the road.

In my ministry, I try to tell stories of life. Ours! And I believe the divine is manifested in creation and through us. I believe we are called to enter into an active partnership with Love Divine to change the world for the better so that the Kingdom of Love happens, and I think this is the hardest thing to do. But then, imagine if no one wants to work towards Love!”

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